About Us

Healing Through Sports

In December 2012, the Varsity Girls Basketball programs from Newtown High School in CT and Saddle River Day School in NJ joined forces to raise money for Newtown CT in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  Both teams share a passion for basketball only to be equaled by their passion to help. Through sports, the teams are able to focus a positive energy toward helping Newtown, and people from all over, heal. All are invited to lend their strength to this effort.

Join the Threes for Sandy Hook Team!

Threes for Sandy Hook is a charitable program whose purpose is to raise money for Newtown CT in the aftermath of the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are dedicated to honoring the 20 children and 6 adults who lost their lives that day.  High Schools, Travel Programs, Recreation Programs, Individuals and Companies are all stepping up and getting involved in Threes for Sandy Hook.  Participants are creatively adjusting the program to match their strengths and ability to contribute as much as possible.

What will YOU do?

There are many ways you can get involved. Click here to find out how teams, companies and individuals are participating.