The Eighth Annual Benefit Game

Game On!

Healing through sports is not just a line, it is how we live and what we strive for each day, each season.  Every year, Saddle River Day School and Newtown High School join forces for a day full of friendship and competition to honor the memories of all affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The Eighth Annual Benefit Game will be held on Saturday December 15, 2018 at Saddle River Day School in Saddle River, NJ. The Junior Varsity teams take the court at 3:30 pm.  Then Saddle River Day School Varsity plays Newtown High School Varsity at 5:00 pm.  We stand strong with Newtown to honor and renew our commitment to Threes for Sandy Hook.

This year we are also proud to support all of the CT and NJ middle school teams that will take part in two days of friendly competition in games prior to the Benefit Game and again all day Sunday at Saddle River Day School.

Please join us in this very special weekend.

“The body heals with play; the mind heals with laughter; and the spirit heals with joy.” – Proverb